KTIC Radio Extension Corner, Jan. 22: Weed and Insect Resistance Workshop, Feb. 3


This is Nathan Mueller, Cropping Systems Extension Educator in Fremont, NE. Nebraska Extension will be hosting a Weed and Insect Resistance Workshop for area producers and agricultural clientele interested in improving management of resistance weeds and insects. In 2014, western corn rootworm and common waterhemp were two of the main resistant pests that reduced yield and profits in eastern Nebraska.

The workshop is set for Tuesday, February 3, and will be held at the First State Bank and Trust Company meeting room at 1005 E 23rd St in Fremont from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Please use the south entrance that will be clearly marked for the event. Pre-registration is required and limited to 30 attendees. The workshop and provided materials will cost $30. Morning refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.

This is a 4 hour long workshop that starts off with several topics for discussions and then active involvement of attendees. Topics of discussion will include: Insect resistance, herbicide tolerant crops, herbicide mode of action and site of action groupings, how weed resistance develops, weed resistance in the Midwest and Nebraska. Attendees will have a chance to conduct a hands-on exercises on weed control problems.

Workshops speakers are members of the Nebraska Extension Weed Science and Entomology Teams, including: Stevan Knezevic, Amit Jhala, Greg Kruger and Julie Peterson. This workshop is sponsored by an educational grant from the United Soybean Board.

For more information about the Weed and Insect Resistance Meeting or help in getting registered, contact Nathan Mueller at the Dodge County Extension Office at 727-2775, again 727-2775. To listen to this radio message again and find a link to register online, please visit our local website at croptechcafe.org again that is croptechcafe.org. This is Nathan Mueller, Cropping Systems Educator for Nebraska Extension on KTIC radio.

KTIC Radio Extension Corner, Jan. 22: Weed and Insect Resistance Workshop, Feb. 3
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