Universities Come Together to Level Playing Field for Farmers

Source:  Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities website

Rivalries are a hallmark of the university experience — an opportunity for students and alumni to show off their school pride, root for our student-athletes, and, last but not least, secure all-important bragging rights. And while we all certainly look forward to competing on the playing field, sometimes we come together for a different reason: to level it.

That’s what the Agricultural Data Coalition (ADC) is all about. Leveling the playing field for our nation’s farmers. The ADC is the product of years of development by both private and public stakeholders, including Auburn University, The Ohio State University, Mississippi State University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Not everyone may be aware that farmers collect valuable data every time their equipment passes through the rows. Or that the information collected by their tractors, harvesters, aerial drones and other devices is becoming more and more important to securing the future of our nation’s …. Read the full article.

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Universities Come Together to Level Playing Field for Farmers
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