KTIC Radio Extension Corner: Iron Deficiency Chlorosis in Soybeans

KTIC Radio Extension Corner
  This is Dr. Nathan Mueller, your local agronomist for Nebraska Extension. Last week I discussed that iron in soybeans and zinc in corn are usually the only micronutrient problems in East Central Nebraska. Visit croptechcafe.org to listen to last week’s radio message. Iron deficiency chlorosis in soybeans or sometimes called “Platte Valley Yellows” has […]
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Chemigation Training

Chemigation Training to be held April 3rd at ARDC Nebraska Extension will conduct a chemigation certification training session at the ARDC near Mead on April 3rd at 9:30 a.m. Producers who plan to apply crop nutrients and pesticides through irrigation systems during 2015, including those whose 2014 permits expired Dec. 31, are required to attend […]
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KTIC Radio Extension Corner: What micronutrients do you really need?

What micronutrients do you really need?   This is Dr. Nathan Mueller, your local agronomist with Nebraska Extension. Let’s answer two questions. Should you cut your micronutrient fertilizer program this year? Are certain micronutrients more critical in corn versus soybeans? Zinc, copper, manganese, iron, boron, chloride, nickel, and molybdenum are plant essential micronutrients. Here in […]
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