Local Crop Water Status

A new program called “Local Crop Water” sponsored by Nebraska Extension in Dodge & Washington counties will share weekly crop water use and soil moisture measurements from two irrigated and one rainfed field in 2016.  The cost of the materials (Atmometers, Watermark soil sensors, sensor data loggers/meter, mileage, etc.) for the program comes from local extension funds.  Growers participating in this year’s program were willing to share weekly irrigation totals during the growing season.  In 2017, three new producers willing to share irrigation amounts will be identified for this program.

This program compliments a larger network called Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Network where weekly ET readings are shared with the public. This local program adds soil moisture monitoring and irrigation amount sharing.  The free CropWater App for iOS/Android devices developed by Nebraska Extension is being used to help monitor soil moisture. The goal of the “Local Crop Water” is to promote technology that improves local irrigation water management.








Supporting materials:

Principles and Operational Characteristics of Watermarks Granular Matric Sensor to Measure Soil Water Status and Its Practical Applications for Irrigation Management in Various Soil Textures

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