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Recent Q and A between a local farmer and Nathan or Aaron.


Q: Compensation for use of my semi by neighbor when the neighbor is driving and fueling the truck?

A: Most custom hauling operations like have a minimum charge per bushel even when hauling only several miles to cover labor, fuel, and wear-and-tear.  Fair compensation for wear-and-tear would be about $0.04 to $0.05 per bushel according to one custom hauler I talked with. -Nathan-


Q: Can late-season applications of Flexstar (fomesafen) reduce soybean yields?

A: Injury after 7 to 10 days from application of Flexstar is common. This is a contact, PPO-inhibiting, herbicide that show some injury, but those injuries are transient and plants usually recover. So, reduction in yield is depending on how much injury was noticed. If no injury was noticed then it is unlikely that Flexstar would cause yield reduction.  -Nathan-


Q: Where can I find the local custom harvest rate for irrigated corn?

A: The regional rates for custom harvesting irrigated corn can be found at 2014 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates – Part II. Four values are reported for each operation, the average rate, most common rate, the range, and how many reports these values were based on. For example in the East District, the average rate for combining irrigated corn including the tractor and grain cart was 35.92/acre, the most common rate was 35/acre, and the range was 30 to 45/acre and these values were based on 13 custom operators in the district. -Nathan-

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