Local Ag Fact of the Week: Is April Getting Wetter?

Over the last 120 years in Fremont, are Aprils getting wetter or drier?


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Using historical weather records back to 1897, I generated a trend line equation to determine if the average monthly precipitation has been decreasing, remaining the same, or increasing in April. The answer appears to be wetter with an average precipitation of 2.5 inches expected in April 120 years ago to 3.0 inches expected on average today. So if the saying is true that April showers bring May flowers, then expect more flowers then previous generations! If you are interested in local weather data and historical weather data, I encourage you to visit the website of the High Plains Regional Climate Center located in Lincoln or contact me at 727-2775 or *protected email*.

This Local Ag Fact of the Week is featured in the Fremont Tribune weekend Ag Page

Local Ag Fact of the Week: Is April Getting Wetter?
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