KTIC Radio Recording, Thursday @ 11:17 am – Nov. 27: Accidental Radiological Release Training

This is Nathan Mueller, Cropping Systems Extension Educator in Fremont, NE. An accidental radiological release training will be offered for all agricultural stakeholders. The free training is Dec. 8 at the Dodge County Extension Office. The Dodge County Extension Office is located at 1206 W. 23rd Street in Fremont. It will be held from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

An accidental radiological release from Omaha Public Power District’s Fort Calhoun Station is unlikely. In the event a radiological release occurred, the agriculture sector in region would be greatly affected. State and Federal governments may take actions such as stop orders against feed and water or require quarantine of livestock and agricultural products. Dodge County is within the ingestion exposure pathway Emergency Planning Zone, which has a radius of about 50 miles from the Fort Calhoun reactor site. Released radiation can travel 50 miles or more. Predetermined protective action plans are in place for Dodge County that are designed to avoid or reduce potential ingestion of radioactive materials.

The curriculum for the training will be presented by Bill Pook, Region 5/6 Director for Emergency Management and Homeland Security, and the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency. Topics covered will include nuclear power plants and radiological basics, ingestion pathways, protective actions, federal capabilities, and state assistance. It is the first time this training is being offered in Dodge County. In recent years, trainings have been held in the 10-mile radius from the power station. Ashley Mueller, Disaster Education Coordinator for Nebraska Extension stated that “Understanding how Dodge County, especially the agriculture sector, can be affected by an accidental radiological release is important. The training will provide participants with information that can be applied to any disastrous event. It’s necessary to be informed and know the actions that will be taken by local, state, and even federal officials in times of crisis.”

Bill Pook stated that “Events at Japan and the Missouri River flooding have shown us the potential risk factors surrounding nuclear power plants. This awareness training program is worthwhile.” Again, the training will be held on Monday, Dec. 8th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the Dodge County Extension Office in Fremont. Light refreshments will be served. RSVPs are encouraged; contact Bill Pook at 727-2785, that is 727-2785.

To read this radio message, please visit our website at croptechcafe.org. This is Nathan Mueller, Cropping Systems Extension Educator on KTIC radio.

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KTIC Radio Recording, Thursday @ 11:17 am – Nov. 27: Accidental Radiological Release Training
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