KTIC Radio Recordings, Thursday @ 11:17 am – Oct. 16: On-Farm Research

This is Nathan Mueller, UNL Cropping Systems Extension Educator in Fremont, NE. With harvest in full swing, you might be thinking that yields are better than expect or you maybe you’ve been disappointed and even second guessing some of your management decisions.

One opportunity this next season for you to consider are the benefits of conducting crop research on your farm with your equipment with support from Nebraska Extension. For example, with the tough cornstalks and spring conditions, planting soybeans into corn stubble was challenging and stands were a little thin in some cases. Would it have helped if I had added more plants by planting into the existing stand? This was one question a grower had and we conducted a simple on-farm research project on 20 acres to answer that question.

The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network is sponsored by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in partnership with the Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Corn Growers Association, and Nebraska Soybean Board. The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network works with Nebraska’s producers to address critical production, profitability, and natural resource questions.

A summary of dryland corn population studies over the last 4 years through this network can be found at my blog at croptechcafe.org or cropwatch.unl.edu/farmresearch, again that is cropwatch.unl.edu/farmresearch. For more information about on-farm research, contact me at 402-727-2775. Again that is 402-727-2775.

This is Nathan Mueller, UNL Extension Educator in Fremont, NE on KTIC radio. Have a safe and successful harvest.

KTIC Radio Recordings, Thursday @ 11:17 am – Oct. 16: On-Farm Research
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