KTIC Radio Extension Corner, January 15, 2015: Tile drainage and upcoming meeting

This is Nathan Mueller, Cropping Systems Extension Educator in Fremont, NE. Nebraska Extension in Dodge County will be providing a short meeting for area producers and landowners interested in learning about tile drainage on Monday, January 26th from 9:45 in the morning to Noon.

The Tile Drainage meeting will cover wetland compliance, basics of tile drainage, controlled drainage, and nitrogen management.  Again, the meeting is set for Monday, January 26th, and will be held at the Dodge County Extension Office on west 23rd street in Fremont from 9:45 am to Noon. Pre-registration is required due to limited seating and the registration fee is $5. Coffee and donuts will be provided during the meeting.

Tile drainage is often installed to increase yields and days suitable for fieldwork. However, recent advances in controlled drainage may help retain water we went as the season progresses. Also, nitrate contributions into local streams from tile drainage systems in Corn Belt States is contributing to hypoxia in the Gulf. The recent use of bioreactors to reduce nitrate contributions from tile drainage systems should be strongly considered to help protect water quality.

Our two guest speakers will join us via a live online connection. Chris Hay an Assistant Professor and Extension Water Management Engineer from South Dakota State University, and Matt Helmers an Assistant Professor and Specialist for Subsurface Drainage and Water Quality from Iowa State University will both present on the basics of tile, controlled drainage, nitrogen management and the latest research from each of their states. I will also cover information on wetland compliance. Producers and landowners will have plenty of time to ask questions and discuss local issues.

For more information about the tile drainage meeting on January 26th and to pre-register for the event, please contact me, Nathan Mueller at the Dodge County Extension Office at 727-2775, again 727-2775. To read this radio message, please visit our local website at croptechcafe.org again that is croptechcafe.org. This is Nathan Mueller, Cropping Systems Educator for Nebraska Extension on KTIC radio.

KTIC Radio Extension Corner, January 15, 2015: Tile drainage and upcoming meeting
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