KTIC Radio Extension Corner: Fremont Corn Expo

Fremont Corn Expo

This is Dr. Nathan Mueller, your local agronomist for Nebraska Extension. It is that time of year again to pull your calendars out and decide which of the many winter meetings you will attend. Please mark down on your calendar the Fremont Corn Expo on Thursday January 7th. The Fremont Corn Expo provides a balanced combination of 50 local agribusiness exhibits, great regional speakers, farmer panelists, and free food. You get waffles for breakfast, a hearty lunch, and popcorn all day! You won’t leave hungry or empty-handed with all the handouts and prizes from area agribusinesses and organizations! The Fremont Corn Expo theme is helping area corn growers find better profits in 2016. So, join me at the Christensen Field Main Arena south of the Fremont Airport at 1730 West 16th Street at 8:00 O’clock.

The Mayor of Fremont and the Fremont Area Chamber Ag Council will welcome to crowd shortly before 9:00. We have great lineup of invited speakers for you. To get us started in the morning, Laura Thompson, Nebraska On-Farm Research Coordinator, will equip you to evaluate your own products and practices on-farm that drive both productivity and profitability. Bob Nielsen, a well-known corn agronomists across the Corn Belt, will drive home several points about sound agronomic decision-making when grain prices are low. A great panel of eastern Nebraska farmers that compete in the National Corn Growers Association Yield Contest will share with us things they have learned that have made them more profitable as corn growers.

After lunch Eric Thompson, an UNL Economists, will share with us the impact of local livestock expansion on our economy and demand for corn. Finally, we will have Tamra Jackson-Ziems, a corn plant pathologist, address how to manage corn diseases for both yield and profitability. Don’t leave to soon or you’ll miss out on the great door prizes given away at the end of the day

Again the Fremont Corn Expo is on Thursday, January 7th from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. For more information about the expo, give me a call at 727-2775 or visit our locally-focused website at croptechcafe.org/fremontcornexpo. Know your crop, know your tech, know your bottom line. This is Dr. Nathan Mueller, your local agronomist for Nebraska Extension on KTIC radio.


KTIC Radio Extension Corner: Fremont Corn Expo
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