KTIC Radio Extension Corner @ 11:17 AM, Dec. 11: Farm Bill Education Meeting

This is Nathan Mueller, Cropping Systems Extension Educator in Fremont, NE. Nebraska Extension and the Farm Service Agency, are teaming up to provide educational meetings about the 2014 Farm Bill.  The Dodge County meeting is set for this Monday, December 15, and will be held at the Mohr Auditorium in Scribner from 9:00 am to Noon. The auditorium is located south of highway 275 and east of the fairgrounds in Scribner.

All farm operators and land owners are invited to attend.  FSA will inform participants about the sign-up process for the Farm Bill including the documentation needed and the deadlines for sign-up.  Nebraska Extension will provide information about the decisions that will need to be made for base acre reallocation, yield updates, and for the Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) vs. Price Loss Coverage (PLC) program selection.

It will be helpful to attend to get insight on the options everyone has with the 2014 Farm Bill.  Farm Operators and Land Owners will have three main steps to signing up.  One is to review their current base acre allocations and make a decision about re-allocation of base acres. A second is to update yield history.  Finally, the program selection will involve the ARC or PLC program.  ARC is the revenue safety net program similar to the recent ACRE program and PLC is the price safety net program.  With ARC, the options will be an Individual ARC coverage vs. a County ARC coverage.  With PLC, the available Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) will be discussed. The decision to update yield history and reallocate base acres needs to be made by February 27th and the one-time election of either ARC or PLC for the 2014-2018 crop years by March 31, 2015.

Again, the Farm Bill Education Meeting will be held Monday, Dec. 15th from 9 am to Noon in Scribner at the Mohr Auditorium. For more information contact me at the Dodge County Extension office at 402-727-2775, again that phone number is 402-727-2775

To read this radio message, please visit my website at croptechcafe.org. This is Nathan Mueller, Cropping Systems Extension Educator on KTIC radio.

KTIC Radio Extension Corner @ 11:17 AM, Dec. 11: Farm Bill Education Meeting
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