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Dr. Nathan Mueller (Dodge & Washington Counties)
Nebraska Extension Cropping Systems/Ag Technologies Educator
1206 W. 23rd St.
Fremont NE 68025-2504
402-727-2775 Work
402-580-5725 Mobile

Nathan serves as the Nebraska Extension Cropping Systems and Agricultural Technologies Educator from Fremont, NE. He provides local agronomic support for Dodge and Washington County. After growing up on the family dairy farm 15 miles northeast of Fremont, he earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in agronomy from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a PhD in agronomy from Kansas State University. His master’s degree focused on sediment and phosphorus movement in agricultural watersheds. After that, he worked for the Indiana State Department of Agriculture – Soil Conservation Division for two years while his wife attended Purdue University in West Lafayette. He  moved to Manhattan, KS where he worked on my PhD at Kansas State University in the Department of Agronomy. His doctoral research was on the nitrogen use of winter annual weeds in no-till corn systems and his second research project was on liquid starter and foliar micronutrient fertilizers for high yield irrigated corn and soybeans. Prior to moving back to Nebraska, he was an assistant professor at South Dakota State University from 2012-2014 serving as the state extension agronomist in Brooking, SD. Nathan is also a Certified Crop Adviser in Nebraska.

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Aaron Nygren

Aaron Nygren (Colfax, Cuming, & Stanton Counties)
Nebraska Extension Cropping Systems/Irrigation Educator
466 Road 10, PO Box 389
Schuyler NE 68661-0389
402-352-3821 Work
402-430-4806 Mobile

Aaron serves as the Nebraska Extension Cropping Systems Extension and Irrigation Educator from Schuyler, NE. He provides local agronomic support for Colfax, Cuming, and Stanton County. Growing up on a family farm near Ashland, NE, he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Agronomy from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. His master’s degree focused on the in situ measurement of nitrogen mineralization for different manure sources. His secondary project compared soil nitrogen mineralization rates for a long term tillage study at the Rogers Memorial Farm east of Lincoln. After completing his master’s degree, he started his current position in Colfax County in 2005. Aaron is still involved with the family farming operation, where he raises corn, soybeans, and 1½ acres of pumpkins.

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John Wilson (Burt, Dakota, & Thurston Counties)
Nebraska Extension Cropping Systems/Integrated Pest Management Educator
111 N 13th Street, Suite 6
Tekamah, NE 68061-1098
402-374-2929 Work
402-870-1557 Mobile

John serves as the Nebraska Extension Cropping Systems and Integrated Pest Management Educator from Tekamah, NE. He provides local agronomic support for Burt, Dakota, and Thurston County. He grew up on a diversified family farm near Clarks, NE, and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agronomy. After graduation, he moved to Burt County in 1978 to serve as the Extension Educator there. During his tenure in Burt County, John has focused his programming on a variety of agronomic topics including insect management in corn and soybeans, reduced tillage and no-till, pasture management and rotational grazing, bringing flood damaged farmland back into production following the 2011 Missouri River Flood and most recently in disease and pest management in soybeans. He’s been a member of a small team that has addressed identification and management of soybean cyst nematodes (SCN) statewide. John lives on an acreage (160 acres) near Craig, NE, that is in CRP and woodlots… and because of this, he has extensive experience with the identification and control of noxious weeds! John is also a Certified Crop Advisor in Nebraska.

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