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Soil Fertility

Chemigation Training

Chemigation Training to be held April 3rd at ARDC Nebraska Extension will conduct a chemigation certification training session at the ARDC near Mead on April 3rd at 9:30 a.m. Producers who plan to apply crop nutrients and pesticides through irrigation systems during 2015, including those whose 2014 permits expired Dec. 31, are required to attend […]
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KTIC Radio Extension Corner: What micronutrients do you really need?

What micronutrients do you really need?   This is Dr. Nathan Mueller, your local agronomist with Nebraska Extension. Let’s answer two questions. Should you cut your micronutrient fertilizer program this year? Are certain micronutrients more critical in corn versus soybeans? Zinc, copper, manganese, iron, boron, chloride, nickel, and molybdenum are plant essential micronutrients. Here in […]
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Dodge County Crop Report – July 7

In this report, I will use the definitions used by USDA-NASS for crop conditions: General crop conditions. The county’s entire crop should be assigned a percentage by category, with the total of the categories equal to 100 percent. Categories are defined as follows: Very Poor – Extreme loss of yield potential; complete or near complete […]
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Dodge County Crop Report – July 1

Platte River Valley (Fremont, Ames, North Bend) Corn and soybeans on well-drained fields in the Platte River valley are in fair to good condition. Some corn fields will have visible tassels by next week (Figure 2). Soybeans that were planted early are about 1.5 ft tall and blooming (Figure 3). However, waterlogged conditions have negatively […]
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