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Connect the Dots: Improving Yield Data, Understanding My Maps, and Making Decisions

Presentation given by Nathan Mueller at the Nebraska Crop Management Conference in Kearney on Jan. 20, 2017 Additional resources mentioned in the presentation: Publication:Improving Yield Map Quality by Reducing Errors through Yield Data File Post-Processing Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Precision Ag Data Management Workshops USDA Yield Editor USDA Geospatial Data Gateway USGS EarthExplorer
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KTIC Radio Extension Corner: Precision Ag Data Management Workshops

precion ag data management workshop
Listen to this week’s KTIC Radio Extension Corner: This is Dr. Nathan Mueller, your local agronomist with Nebraska Extension for Dodge and Washington counties. Our UNL Ag Technology Team will be offering four 2-day Precision Ag Data Management Workshops across Nebraska starting next week. Producers, consultants, government personnel, retailers, and other Ag professionals should attend. […]
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Precision Ag Data Management Workshops

A Hands-on Workshop to Demonstrate Methods for Extracting more Information from your Precision Ag Data Who: Producers, Consultants, Ag Industry, Government Agencies, Extension Personnel  This workshop will combine short lectures with hands-on activities (laptops and data will be supplied) using Ag Leader SMS Advanced software.  Session topics will demonstrate strategies to: Conduct multi-year yield data […]
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