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Local Ag Fact of the Week: Native versus introduced winter annual weeds

Which of the following two winter annual weeds are native to Nebraska? Field pennycress Henbit Marestail Prickly lettuce Shepherd’s purse Tansy mustard Dandelion Answer: Marestail and tansy mustard (see pictures and learn more about these weeds below. Learn more…   Winter annual weeds are plants that emerge in the fall, overwinter as a seedlings, and resume […]
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Ag Fact of the Week: Week 14

Can I get old aerial photos taken of my farm in Dodge or Washington counties and can that aerial imagery explain my corn and soybean yields in 2016? Yes and yes. Learn more… You can learn new information from old aerial imagery! You can find old aerial imagery of your farm or community through two […]
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Ag Fact of the Week: Week 10

What is a bushel of grain? A unit of measurement, but not the same for all types of grain. Learn more… A bushel was originally based on the volume measured in a cylinder or basket. The Winchester bushel is the foundation for the U.S. bushel, which is 2150.42 cubic inches or 8 dry gallons. However, […]
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Local Ag Fact of the Week: Week 9

What is the name given to the main groundwater resource found in Dodge County? Ogallala or High Plains Aquifer. Learn more… The great groundwater resources found in most of Dodge County represent some of the eastern-most portions of the Ogallala Aquifer that spreads across 8 states (South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, & […]
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