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Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Most growers and agronomists are familiar with gray leaf spot, but another less known leaf fungal pathogen that I am starting to see in Dodge County is called Northern corn leaf  blight (NCLB) caused by Exserohilum turcicum.  Right now, the the incidence of NCLB is low and the severity is low to moderate, suggesting previous […]
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EQIP Storm Damage Cover Crop Initiative

2014 EQIP Storm Damage Cover Crop Initiative Action Required by:  August 15, 2014 Purpose.  To announce a targeted initiative to address the loss of residue cover on cropland fields caused by storm damage during the 2014 cropping season               Expiration Date.  September 30, 2014 Producers that have experienced crop and residue loss in the 2014 growing […]
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Dodge County Crop Report – July 7

In this report, I will use the definitions used by USDA-NASS for crop conditions: General crop conditions. The county’s entire crop should be assigned a percentage by category, with the total of the categories equal to 100 percent. Categories are defined as follows: Very Poor – Extreme loss of yield potential; complete or near complete […]
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Dodge County Crop Report – July 1

Platte River Valley (Fremont, Ames, North Bend) Corn and soybeans on well-drained fields in the Platte River valley are in fair to good condition. Some corn fields will have visible tassels by next week (Figure 2). Soybeans that were planted early are about 1.5 ft tall and blooming (Figure 3). However, waterlogged conditions have negatively […]
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