2016 Northeast and East Nebraska Cash Rent Rates for Pasture, Dryland and Irrigated Cropland

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Survey Results for 2016-2014 Cash Rent Rates by Crop Reporting Districts: Average Reported Value of Nebraska Farmland Cash Rent Rates in Northeast and East Crop Reporting Districts, East (includes Colfax, Dodge, Washington) Northeast (includes Stanton, Cuming, Burt, Thurston, Dakota) Type of Land 2016 2015 2014 2016 2015 2014 Dryland/Rainfed Cropland Average 200 […] Continue reading →

Palmer Amaranth Distribution and Potential Resistance Survey

In an effort to improve local weed management and educational efforts, Nebraska Extension would like to determine the distribution of Palmer amaranth across Nebraska counties and assess those populations for potential multiple-resistance to various herbicide site of action groups. Therefore, we are asking producers, agronomists, USDA staff, university faculty, and others with a knowledge of […] Continue reading →