KTIC Radio Extension Corner: Alternative cropping systems to help protect groundwater quality

Cover crop after seed corn. This is Dr. Nathan Mueller, your local agronomist with Nebraska Extension. Have you ever thought of cover crops as a groundwater management tool? Educational efforts and proactive protection of groundwater from nitrate contamination can help reduce the need for regulation. So, let’s answer 3 questions today. First, what factors influence groundwater nitrate contamination?  The volume […] Continue reading →

KTIC Radio Extension Corner: Precision Ag Data Management Workshops

Designing on-farm research2 This is Dr. Nathan Mueller, your local agronomist with Nebraska Extension. Our team will be offering three more 2-day Precision Ag Data Management Workshops across Nebraska. We completed our first 2-day workshop near Mead was this past Monday and Tuesday with 20 producers, consultants, and other Ag professionals. These hands-on workshops demonstrate methods for extracting […] Continue reading →

Fieldprint® Calculator Workshop on Dec. 10 in Fremont

Soil Deep EC 0-3ft Radio Interview with Randy Pryor, Cropping Systems Extension Educator: Nebraska Extension in cooperation with the Corn and Soybean Boards is conducting workshops to introduce Nebraska corn and soybean producers to a tool that measures key farm efficiencies. Field to Market Efficiency Workshop will teach farmers how to use a web-based computer tool called the Fieldprint® […] Continue reading →

Post-Harvest Grain Marketing Workshop on Dec. 2 in Arlington

CScily3W4AAhFJD.png large The Post-Harvest Grain Marketing workshop will be offered in Arlington, NE to assist local grain producers and their business partners in creating a written post-harvest marketing plan that is right for them. Nebraska Extension Educators will present location and commodity specific marketing information. Topics include developing a written marketing plan, and understanding basis and carrying […] Continue reading →